marți, 22 iunie 2010

Craniul de cristal in New York City - 10.10.10

1) Crystal Skull Event in New York City, NY on 10/10/10 October 8th - 3 Mayan Elders will make a special presentation to the United Nations.

"This event is a very special event dedicated to the Mayan Elders to give them a forum to speak about current and 2012 information, everyone else is saying what the Mayans are saying, here the Mayan Elders will speak their special messageto the world."

The Mayan elders include:

Grandfather Cirilo "Don Alejandro" Perez Oxlaj, also known as Wandering Wolf, He is the Grand Elder of the living Maya,he is the head of the the National Mayan Council of Indigenous Elders, he resides in Antigua, Guatemala.

Hunbatz Men, Mayan Elder, Day Keeper/Solar Priest from Yucatan-Mexico, an authority on the History, Chronology, and Mayan calendars of time, author of two books:The 8 Calendars of the Maya, and Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion both published by Inner Traditions.

Don Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, Mayan Elder/Solar Priest and member of the Maya Itza Council in Yucatan-Mexico. His current work involves preserving Mayan culture and language for students of his pueblo. Formed the Academy of Mayan Culture where he is teaching Yucatec Maya, writing in Yucatec Maya, the Mayan Calendar, Mayan numbers and elementary hieroglyphic writing.

The Ancient Crystal Skulls event begins on the 9th and 10th with private sessions and work shops being scheduled on the 11th at the A.R.E Edgar Cayce Building in NYC.

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