marți, 4 iunie 2013

Corul Compasiunii 2013 (The Compassion Choir - Kryon)


Okay, there are two kinds of people reading this.

(1) About one thousand of you who attended the Lemurian Choir of 2012 (or who didn't attend and wanted to) or..

(2) Those who are wondering "What is this all about?" 

So for the first group I say this: We are doing it again! Except this time the theme is different, and it's in a place that is more accessible and more reasonably priced than Hawaii. Cancun Mexico is safe, easy to get to, easier to get a visa for if you need one, and very ready for us. It will be held in one of the largest all-inclusive beachfront resorts on the Mayan Riviera: The Moon Palace. 

For the second group, I give you the background: In 2001 Dr. Todd Ovokaitys began to remember ancient tones and started to teach groups how to use the tones for personal growth and healing. Dr. Todd presented these tones in seminars all over the world. Three years ago Kryon channelled a specific message to Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, (A high Lemurian priest named Yawee, according to Kryon), about his Pineal Tones. Kryon gave profound information and instructions on what he should do with them. The result was a gathering of around one thousand people who sung the 24 Pineal Tones in specific pairs to transmit a quantum signal into the cosmos. The event was called the "2012 Lemurian Choir" and took place in Hawaii on December 21, 2012. Kryon stated that Dr. Todd’s memory of the tones as sung by Lemurians 26,000 years ago was “shockingly accurate.” 

Now it continues: Back in Hawaii, Kryon gave information that the tones could be reconfigured, and added onto, to create different purposes for the planet. In Portugal 2013 Kryon told Dr. Todd to develop more tones and rearrange how they are sung. The purpose and intent of this next choir is to send compassion to GAIA and The Crystalline Grid. This event is called the"Compassion Choir of 2013". Kryon has said that there are several time capsules of energy awaiting to awaken and that each one requires a powerful catalyst and specific signal. This will enhance the speed of the Earth’s increase in vibration and level of compassion on the planet. So there are some new tones, a new energy, and a new place to sing them. 

Again, KRYON will be there channelling between the tones, and like in Hawaii, this will be a grand event! To add to this, others will be presenting around the main event, including Kryon team member Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and yes... even a full Kryon event AFTER the choir: "The Kryon Gaia Global Consciousness Retreat" (see Kryon on-line schedule). 

If you have never done pineal toning, and would like to come to the Cancun Compassion Choir, a rehearsal is needed. But this year it can be done on-line, or by attending many world-wide rehearsal events.

I would love to see you in the Mayan Riviera in December!Blessings to you, 

(PS: there is no snow there) :-)

Extracted from newsletters (EM)