joi, 10 noiembrie 2011

11/11/11 Children of the Sun - Tititcaca - Peru



Lake Titicaca Stargate Crossing

November 11, 2011

11:11 pm Peru

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A Transmission of Sacred Fire Love from Sanat Kumara and Planet Venus

Raising the Children of the Sun Group Merkaba

through the Lake Titicaca Solar Helix Disc



Transmission Audio Support
DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE (Right click this link then save as...)

This may be used during transmission or in preparation of the journey.
For those without mp3 players, you may live stream from our You Tube Channel.


I invite all Children of the Sun to join me in this brilliant
passage through the Stargate of our Group Soul. This will be
the grandest transmission ever, guaranteed! Try to make it
on time.
Wear your seamless garment and bring your LOVE.

Tiara Kumara


Children of the Sun Foundation invites you to a very powerful 11:11:11 live transmission taking place at 11:11 p.m. Peruvian time on the inner planes of consciousness. This is the culminating moment to our Rites of Passage, the firing of the Crystalline Grid and all of the grand momentum from live events around the world celebrating Unity Consciousness.

This transmission comes to us through the magnetic radiation of Sanat Kumara and planet Venus, the Love Star and guardian of our planet. This is received on the inner planes of consciousness while in our sacred meditative space.

During the Peruvian time of 11:11 pm on November 11, 2011, a planetary energy transference is initiated through the human form of Tiara Kumara, supported by the Children of the Sun group forcefield. Transformational ascension codes of light will be directly transferred to all who are in group formation with Children of the Sun, catalyzing a tremendous raising of our Group Avatar.

Tiara Kumara, Facilitator

Tiara is the accomplished founder of Children of the Sun ascension platform with responsibility for its piloted course through time. She initiated and has directed the Planetary Grid Project and its pivotal new and full moon transmissions over the last several years; greatly assisting to build the global unity consciousness field of light servers around the planet. Her lifestream is dedicated as a code carrier and Venus portal upon the Earth, focusing in union with the mission of the Kumaras from Venus and the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy.

With a mission to guide all Children of the Sun through the Stargate, Tiara is transmitting from deep in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle after just spending pivotal time in the Lake Titicaca portal receiving key codes and preparing the field for our Stargate Crossing.

Overview of our 11:11:11 Venus Transmission:

Through our ablities in consciousness projection, we are gathering at the Ascension Seat at the Earth Core, building an ascending vortex of energy, and then invoking the full action of Solar Grid’s pulsations of love throughout the entire planet. We invoke the 11:11:11 ascension codes into full activation, from the 12 primary helixes of the Golden Solar Discs around the planet.

All focus is upon our inner Sun Presence, connecting into and out of our Sun Center while unifying all continents, oceans and planetary energy into our Group Merkaba and bringing all lifestreams with us as we spiral up and through the Rainbow Bridge.

We are unifying all of our earth body chakras into one spherical vortex field while receiving the complete activation of our 5th dimensional axiatonal system, including the greater opening of our Alpha and Omega energy portals, enabling real time dimensional passage.

This catalyzes an internal pole shift with potential for the nervous system to be recalibrated to the 5th dimensional frequency of the Earth and enabling us to perceive beyond our electromagnetic forms. We therefore integrate a multidimensional consciousness that can traverse both time-space and space-time.

Once we build the Ascension Merkaba at the Earth core and receive all of the key codes and light body activations… we finally travel up through the portal and emerge through to Lake Titicaca and its Solar Disc… our Group Body being held within a cohered field of Divine Love through the magnetic pull of the orbit of Venus.